TomNomNom on Top of HackerOne

I had never heard a hacker talk about the things Tom Hudson (TomNomNom) talked about in his discussion with Peter Jaworski (of Shopify). Failure, depression, burnout… Tom’s maturity, thoughtfulness, and pleasant manner together with his skills so impressed me that I’ve been following him ever since.

Although one of the top HackerOne participants, he’s been relatively quiet over the past year or two. By the time I had discovered him in 2020 he was already in a low period that he touches on in his talk with Peter. He went so far as to say he was 50-60% of the person he was before a burnout episode.

So it was such a great thing to see his name at the top of the Hacktivity board on HackerOne! And with a pretty sweet bounty…

If you want a refreshing view on hacking, check out his talk with Peter. And if you want to see a Tom’s insane Linux command line skills, you’ll get a kick out of his talk with ST├ľK.